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An Examination of the 'De Passione' Section of John of Grimestone's preaching Book, Ms Advocates 18.7.21

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dc.contributor.author Horgan, Jane Elizabeth
dc.date.accessioned 2008-09-02T05:04:03Z
dc.date.accessioned 2022-10-10T21:37:12Z
dc.date.available 2008-09-02T05:04:03Z
dc.date.available 2022-10-10T21:37:12Z
dc.date.copyright 1985
dc.date.issued 1985
dc.identifier.uri https://ir.wgtn.ac.nz/handle/123456789/21587
dc.description.abstract This thesis is an examination of the passion lyrics contained in a late fourteenth century manuscript compiled by an English Franciscan friar, John of Grimestone. It examines the development of this type of manuscript, an alphabetical manual of preaching material, compares it with similar contemporary works, and sermon practice. The aims of the thesis are stated, and the five and a half pages of Latin prose contained in the 'De Passione' section are discussed in terms of their subject matter and in relation to the lyric genre. The thesis then examines the lyrics of the 'De Passione' section, categorising them in eight different sections: the appeal of Christ from the cross, or 'Homo Vide' lyric; the lyrics on the compassion of the Virgin; lyrics spoken to Christ by the meditator; the longer lyric narrating the events leading up to and surrounding the Passion; works which link the Seven Deadly Sins with the wounds of Christ; those lyrics in which the metaphor of Christ as a knight is used to enhance the meditator's understanding of the Passion; those lyrics in which this image is extended, and Christ appears as the lover, secular language being to express his love for humankind; and finally, those lyrics in which the Nativity setting is used as a spur to compassion and a prefiguring of the Passion. Each of the Grimestone lyrics in these categories is discussed in terms of its structure, language, tone and import. It position in the manuscript is considered, noting any problems, such as setting out, marginal notes or punctuation, in relation to its appearance in published works; and it is placed in the wider context of the lyric genre as a whole, contemporary prose meditational works in Latin and English, church art, manuscript illustration, and what know of devotional techniques and practices. en_NZ
dc.language en_NZ
dc.language.iso en_NZ
dc.publisher Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington en_NZ
dc.title An Examination of the 'De Passione' Section of John of Grimestone's preaching Book, Ms Advocates 18.7.21 en_NZ
dc.type Text en_NZ
vuwschema.type.vuw Awarded Doctoral Thesis en_NZ
thesis.degree.discipline English en_NZ
thesis.degree.grantor Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington en_NZ
thesis.degree.level Doctoral en_NZ
thesis.degree.name Doctor of Philosophy en_NZ

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